Texas Facilities Commission




Prime Contractor

This project consisted removing an existing AHU and of installing a dual duct AHU in the penthouse (5th story) of the Texas Facilities Commision Insurance Building downtown Austin. The new unit is approximately 22’ Wide x 30’ Long x 12’ High. The AHU was a built in place unit, meaning it came in many pieces that needed to be assembled on-site. MPS used a 90 Ton Crane to get the crates of parts on the roof, and staged them in the order they were needed in the space. MPS provided a roof loading plan to ensure the weight of the unit on the roof of the building wouldn’t comprimise the structure. Once the unit was on the roof, MPS moved components into the space including the 12” high bases and 10’ Long Cooling coils. There was a 3’ drop into the penthouse from the roof, making getting these large heavy parts in more difficult. The space to install the new unit was very limited, and in many spots, there was only ½” clearance from the top of the 12’ high unit to the roof. This made building the unit very difficult. MPS was able to overcome the challenges, and passed the leakage test on the unit.