UT Jester Dorm AHU-4W and AHU-6W Replacement

This project involved demolition and reinstallation of four Air Handling Units that serve the Jester Center. MPS replaced two Air Handling Units (AHU’s) units in the mechanical rooms, and two Make-up Air units (MUA’s) on the roof.

The spaces in the mechanical room were very tight and required installation of highly customized AHU’s. For safety during the project on the roof, MPS built an OSHA approved handrail around 60% of the roof (where work was taking place). MPS also built two galvanized steel platforms to support the MUA Units. MPS used a 200 ton crane on campus to set the equipment on the supports. This project was a bit different than the UT Jester AHU-8W & 11W Replacement as The University of Texas required the equipment to be tied into a BAS Control system. This was performed under MPS’ contract, and added complexity to the project.

MPS was able to successfully replace the AHU’s, associated piping, and upgrade the controls safely to give The University of Texas better equipment to serve its buildings.

CLIENT  :  University of Texas
DATE  :  2009
  • Prime Contractor