UT Admin – Boilers

MPS was the prime contractor on this project. This project required the removal of (2) steam boilers in the Sub-basement level of the building, and replacing the same with (5) new modular boilers, and the provision of a primary and secondary heating hot water system.

The boiler flues were headed together, and the double-walled flue stack was installed up approximately 110’ in an abandoned chimney stack. A most challenging task on this project was the installation of the flue in the chimney, given that the chimney was less than 4’-0” x 4’-0”, could not be accessed from each of 6 levels of the building, and that the only way to install the 18” flue was by dropping an artisan into the chimney. Safety was of paramount importance in this project, and MPS prevailed with a successful installation.

CLIENT  :  University of Texas
DATE  :  2008
  • Subcontractor