Teacher Retirement Systems

MPS performed as the Prime Contractor on the project. Project involved the demolition and replacement of central plant including (2) centrifugal chillers, (2) air-cooled chiller, (2) boilers, (6) pumps. Two magnetic bearing water cooled chillers, (1) new air cooled chiller, (4) modular hot water boiler, (6) pumps were provided (furnished and installed) by MPS. The chillers and pumps were installed while the building was occupied, and as such, were installed so that building air conditioning would not be negatively impacted. Steel structures were also installed for the new air cooled chiller and a new generator.

MPS also replaced approximately 240 VAV boxes in the office space for this project. This work was done overnight so the building occupants could continue using the space. MPS would change 2-6 VAV boxes each day and complete the work prior to occupants returning to their offices the next day.

CLIENT  :  Texas Facilities Commission
DATE  :  2012
  • Prime Contractor